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Making Medicaid as easy as 1-2-3

Free Consultation and Assessment

Meet with one of our experts to ask questions and review all income and assets. Next, we create a clear plan to outline the Medicaid process that’s right for you. To qualify for Medicaid, the individual must meet the basic requirements.


Be a legal U.S. citizen or qualified alien

Be a resident of state applying in

Meet income and asset requirements*

Be 65+ years of age or be blind or permanently disabled**

*Income Requirements:
Income guidelines and limits vary state-to-state. Our Medicaid experts can give up to date info on a quick phone call to help you determine eligibility.
Did you know? In Florida and Pennsylvania, a spouse can keep almost all assets and still become eligible for long-term care Medicaid quickly and easily. Let our experts tell you how.
**Medical Eligibility:
A clinical assessment is required to determine the applicant’s medical eligibility. A physical evaluation performed by a Medicaid approved nurse will ascertain whether you need assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), such as showering, dressing, eating, and toileting.

Documentation & Application

The Medicaid application process is complex, tedious, and requires excessive paperwork and documentation. In addition, Medicaid guidelines are constantly changing, and only those intimately acquainted with the system can be confident when applying. We’ll help you track down every detail and document you’ll need to apply for Medicaid coverage and answer any questions along the way. Find our checklist below.


Without assistance, Medicaid applications are often neglected and don’t get approved efficiently. At SilverKey, our team is in constant contact with your Medicaid case workers to ensure the application process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Also, we’ll ensure your loved one not only gets approved, but receives the maximum coverage possible.

Why thousands of families prefer SilverKey.

I would highly recommend Rikki Zuckerman to help families through such an emotional and difficult time. Although I never got to meet her face to face, Rikki became someone, to me, to be so much more than someone to help with my Mom's paperwork process. She became more like a family member herself. She was always there to answer questions, to help in any way she could, and to "talk me off the ledge" when things got very stressful, sad, or emotional for me. My Mom passed away on August 30th and she still reached out to me to ask how I was doing. That is way beyond the scope of just a job. I cannot express my gratitude to her and recommend her services enough!

Bonnie H.
Buckingham Valley Rehab, Bucks County, PA

Absolutely amazing and empathetic to hard moments and difficult times.

Nancy R.
York Rehabilitation and Rehab Center, Philadelphia, PA

These guys were great and helped me through my Medicaid application. They were so amazing to help with getting all the documents together and were easy to talk to and deal with. I was so happy with the service they provided for me.

Shaya E.
Richboro Rehabilitation Center, Bucks County PA

I highly recommend SilverKey and their whole amazing team. They were a godsend in helping to protect my grandfather and his assets at a very stressful and crucial time for us.

David M.
Grandview Rehabilitation Center, CT

My mother is in a nursing home and SilverKey handled the Medicaid process and all the paperwork that was needed. It takes so much off of the family to have this available. They answered all questions and were very helpful.

Paula J.
Williamsport Rehab and Nursing, PA

SilverKey was a great help in getting to where we needed to be.

Tom H.
Windsor Health and Rehab, North FL

Nicole was the most helpful, professional, and patient person!! She was always so pleasant and kind. She made this incredible process work well!

Pam A.
Winter Park Rehab and Nursing, FL

My wife suddenly went to the hospital and needed to go to the nursing home. We didn't know what to do until we contacted Rose Roberts at SilverKey. She guided us through a difficult time when you're not able to think properly because of the emotional situation. In the end, we were eligible for the Medicaid and my wife is not being cared for which I was not able to do. Of course, nothing is free, but it did save us thousands of dollars in the long run. I highly recommend them with a five-star rating.

Fred M.
Beach Street Center, Daytona, FL

I would truly recommend SilverKey. They were professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, especially my specialist Rikki Zuckerman.

Joe M.
Liberty Pointe Rehab, Doylestown PA

A huge thank you to Connie and Judy for helping me navigate the whole Medicaid process. I started a year ago on my own and it became overwhelming and time-consuming. I found SilverKey earlier this year and they were such a huge help. They handled everything through to the final approval that came yesterday. A Godsend for me. Wish I had found you sooner but I am very grateful. Thank you!

Wendy B.
Lilac of Bayview, FL

SilverKey Medicaid, specifically Sophie, was so helpful, professional, and prompt during the application process. She was also very patient with us and explained everything all along the way. My family is so happy that SilverKey was recommended to us!

Bonnie C.
West Orange Nursing Center, FL

SilverKey helped us navigate the complexities of Medicaid during and after my mother's care. I would recommend their service to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the experience of getting assistance for a loved ones care through Medicaid.

Greg G.
Isle Health and Rehab, FL

I needed to speak to someone familiar with Medicaid to determine if a family member would qualify. The long-term care facility involved suggested I contact some experts. I chose SilverKey and from first impression to last, they did a thorough job. While I had several contacts who handled different parts of my request, they were all helpful, gracious, and knowledgeable and worked together as a well-oiled machine should. I would suggest you give them a try in order to speak to experts in the Medicaid field.

Mary W.
Claremont Nursing and Rehab, Cumberland PA

SilverKey Medicaid and the specialist, Leah Fleischer, who was assigned to my mother's application, made the whole process of applying for Medicaid benefits straightforward. Leah carefully and fully explained the whole process and what information would need to be provided. Once that was accomplished, she kept me informed of the progress of the Medicaid review and made herself available to answer any questions that arose during the process. My mother's Medicaid application was successful because of SilverKey's and Leah Fleischer's efforts.

Mark R.
Kadima of Luzerne, PA

I desperately needed help working through my mother's affairs and SilverKey consultants became the answer to my prayer. They are very professional! They have knowledge of the complicated Medicaid process and how to address each unique situation. They guided me every step of the way, and what most impressed me was how they initiated contact during pivotal times so I wouldn't have to call them! They are on top of it and worth whatever the cost. Why? Because you can't put a price tag on having peace and calm through life's most stressful situations. I highly recommend using this company!

Janet J.
Coastal Health and Rehab, FL

SilverKey was quite literally the "key" to unlocking the maze of Medicare forms, requirements, and guidelines. Nicole was instrumental in every facet of the process. Easy to talk to and always quick to get back to you via phone, text, or email. Thank you Nicole for your diligence and hard work!

Zach N.
The Ponce Health Center, FL

SilverKey exceeded my expectations from the beginning. Everyone was friendly, sympathetic, and professional. This was really appreciated, as I was unexpectedly assigned as a caregiver. Chloe, in particular, is always very efficient with answering my questions. If she doesn't know an answer to something, then she'll research and get back to me very quickly instead of saying things like I think so or I don't know. As soon as Chloe was assigned as my caseworker she walked me thru everything- holding my hand thru the process.

Keith U.
River Chase Nursing Home, North FL

If you are considering applying for Medicaid, DO NOT attempt to do it on your own! It is a crazy complicated process! Leah Fleischer at SilverKey is beyond phenomenal!! We needed their assistance with a complicated Medicaid Application during a very difficult time! Leah was magnificent! She was on top of every form, every piece of paper needed, sent, pending, and the status of the application at every step of the process. She was in constant contact with me to keep me up to date and remind me of what was pending and still needing to be done. She explained every form and why it was necessary. I felt that she was looking out for our interests and made me feel that we were her only client! I knew, of course, this was not true, but she sure made me feel like she had all the time in the world to answer my hundreds of questions. I do not feel that we would have been able to have completed the application without Leah as well as the team that comes along with Leah at SilverKey! I would highly recommend SilverKey to anyone considering the intricate Medicaid Application process on their own!

Theresa A.
Park House Nursing Center, PA

With the thoughts of my mother getting sicker and requiring more medical attention and working with a dwindling budget, we were fortunate to find SilverKey! The professionals at SilverKey helped us compile a case file and successfully get my mother enrolled in a Medicaid program. We are forever grateful and a big shout out to Hannah for her help!

Dwayne J.
Cliveden Nursing Home, Phila PA

When I became power of attorney for my aunt, I had no idea where to begin to get her set up with Medicaid to pay for her nursing home. I was told about SilverKey and decided to give them a call. It was the best decision I could've made. From day one, Tova S. took the wheel and handled everything that needed to be done. I provided her with the required documentation and she did the rest. Including talking me down from the ledge a few times. I could not be happier with the service I've gotten from Tova and SilverKey Medicaid.

Cindy L.
Heritage Point, Doylestown PA

SilverKey was referred to my dad from a nursing facility in FL where my mom who has dementia currently resides. I assisted my elder dad to get the paperwork needed. Rose from SilverKey was great. She gave us proper expectations and always kept us in the loop whether it was through emails or phone calls. She was extremely professional and helpful. I would highly recommend SilverKey! Thank you!

Omar G.
Park Meadows, PA

Nancy made this entire process seamless. Our family was so concerned with making sure my mom would be ok financially when my dad passed away. Nancy was always a phone call away. She made us feel so relieved to know she was guiding us through the Medicaid process. I highly recommend SilverKey and Nancy for navigating through the process. We were delighted to work with them.

Mary L.
Rosewood Gardens, Chester County, PA

Nancy handled my dad's case and she was absolutely awesome. We would have been so lost trying to get through the Medicaid processing for my dad. Nancy, along with SilverKey made it so easy on my mom and our family. Thank you Nancy and thank you SilverKey.

Cynthia P.
Kadima Palmyra, NEPA region

I am extremely grateful to have had SilverKey help us with the Medicaid process. Nicole did a fantastic job getting us through the complex process and paperwork. SilverKey relieved us from the stress of this complicated paperwork that Medicaid requires. Nicole always answered my questions fully and with courtesy. She was prompt in responding to my emails and was diligent in guiding us with our "Medicaid journey". I would highly recommend SilverKey if you need to work through the Medicaid process. They are the BEST!

SilverKey Customer

My Dad and I worked with SilverKey to help my Mom who is in a long-term nursing facility. She requires 24-hour care due to her complex medical needs. The administrator who runs the nursing facility where my Mom stays recommended we talk to SilverKey to explore our options. The staff at SilverKey were very friendly, educated us on the intricacies of the Medicaid application process, and were a huge support throughout the process. I would recommend SilverKey to any caretaker who is seeking advice on the best way to support the financial needs of their loved ones to ensure they receive the care and peace of mind they deserve.

SilverKey Customer

Thank you to the SilverKey staff, especially Rose Roberts, for assisting me in securing Medicaid for my disabled sister. It was a challenging situation to be in and we couldn't have done it on our own. Rose worked diligently, was patient, professional, and went above and beyond in our case. I highly recommend using SilverKey!

SilverKey Customer

Sophie Lerner was absolutely a joy to work with. She made the Medicaid application for my Mom seamless. Very professional, explained exactly what was needed, and kept me informed along the way. SilverKey is very fortunate to have Sophie as an employee. Would recommend her to anyone.

SilverKey Customer

SilverKey has far exceeded our expectations. Our experiences working with both my mom and dad's cases have been wonderful. We could not have gone through this process without them. Both Nancy and Connie went above and beyond to answer questions and walk us through the Medicaid application process. Highly recommend!!!

SilverKey Customer

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