Am I Eligible if My Income is Above the Medicaid Limit?

Have you been wondering the same thing?

Many times, through a combination of social security, Veteran Affairs benefits, pensions, 401k accounts and other sources of income, your resources may be above the limit set by Medicaid.

A SilverKey Medicaid Specialist will review your sources of income to determine if you are above the income cap. If so, we will assist in structuring your income in a manner that will make you eligible to be approved for Medicaid.

The Income limits vary per state.

In states like Florida, New Jersey and Delaware a Qualified Income Trust is needed. Our team of specialists will guide you through the process of establishing a QIT in a simple and easy manner. In Pennsylvania, being over the income limit will reduce your asset limit to $2,400.

Either way our team will guide you on the best options for you. You are NEVER NOT ELIGIBLE FOR MEDICAID! It is just a matter of how and when. SilverKey will ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Reach out to connect to one of our specialists today at 848-249-7800.

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