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Fair Hearing by Phone

Some counties in Pennsylvania are doing away with the fair hearing by phone!
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Why do Families Love working with SilverKey?

Families get to work with one dedicated caseworker through the process from the day their case is retained, until Medicaid is approved, and beyond.
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5 Tips for Getting Medicaid Approval for Long Term Care

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Shoveling Snow is Not for Everyone

Because the cold causes arteries and blood vessels to narrow, which slows blood flow overall. That combined with the exertion of shoveling, can be a huge concern for elderly people.
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Am I Eligible if My Income is Above the Medicaid Limit?

A SilverKey Medicaid Specialist will review your sources of income to determine if you are above the income cap. If so, we will assist in structuring your income in a manner that will make you eligible to be approved for Medicaid.
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Keeping Seniors Busy During the Winter Months

Its hard to get through month after month of cold weather. Especially as the body ages, it becomes even more important to keep the body and mind active and sharp. Read on to view some of the top choices for seniors to keep the energy going all through the winter.
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